Chosing The Right Packaged Pump Station

1. Budget
Establish long and short term priorities for your pumping station, up front investment on your pump station can save on operating problems and unwanted expense in the future.
You get what you pay for, sooner or later.

2. Information
Don't ignore packaged pump stations or system manufacturers also distributors for advice remember it costs nothing and could save you money, draft an overview of present and future system design and requirments consdering pump station location, pump system details, power requirements if theres a need for filtration, running costs, building/enviroment issues and your budget.

3. Contact Agencies
Obtain water management requirements, including environmental and energy incentives if avalible.

4. Contact Utility Companies
Review pumping main/rising main layout, availability of alternative sewers, identify obstacles and the location of available power.

5. Narrow the Pump and Power Choice
Get an idea of power requirements for your pumping station, impeller type, motor speed and pump preference for your pumping station, a channel impeller submersible pump costs more initially, but efficiencies can be 20 to 30 percent greater than a vortex impeller, a slower speed motor will also reduce wear, increase pump system life cycle costs.

6. Pressure Regulation
Traditional valves require maintenance, electronic motor control of surge and pressure variable frequency drives (VFD) have become synonymous with energy savings, without a mechanical control valve, effluent and less than pure water is no problem for VFD units, VFDs feature low-maintenance and self-diagnostics as well, continuous, automatic monitoring and adjustment of pressure and flow assures maximum energy savings and less stress on the total system, controlling software and support issues become important in the VFD specification process.

7. Single Source Warranties
Delivery, installation, overall pumping chamber, chamber pipework, pump(s) motor, control panel and kiosks should be covered as a total unit price, pay particular attention to the reputation of the pump manufacture and their warranties, remember an installation warranty means nothing if the installer refuses to return to your pump station location to honour it.

8. Post-Installation
Service, assistance, operator training, now with a basic shopping list for your pumping station, your are ready to get more specific about the system that will most suit your needs and conditions.

If you have a pump station requirement you will need to have certain information then click here for guidance.

A correctly selected, installed and controlled pumping station will deliver the best performance for the best investment over its entire usable life cycle.

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