Wilo-DrainLift KH

Type key Example: Wilo-KH 32-0.4EM
KH Mini lifting plant with macerator for sewage containing faeces
Nominal diameter of delivery connection (DN25/32)
32 Rated motor power [kW] AC 1~ 230V. 50Hz
- 0.5 EM  


Ready-to-use, limited-use lifting plant for wastewater containing faeces (for direct connection behind a toilet) with macerator for waste disposal from a single toilet and additional hand-washing basin, shower or bidet, from which a wastewater/sewage cannot be fed to the local sewer system using natural gravity flow, or that is below the backflow level. The specifications of DIN EN 12050-3 and DIN 1986-100 must be complied with.
For connecting a greater number of sewage sources, or sources of a different kind, we recommend using Wilo-DrainLift series products.


Automatically operating mini lifting plant with macerator, all required switch and control equipment, built-in non-return valve, active carbon filter, flexible discharge port and facilities for connecting a WC, two additional wastewater sources and a vent line. The KH32 mini lifting plant is directly connected to a toilet pan with horizontal connecting piece. Connections from additional sanitary fixtures and the pressure line are at the rear of unit and can be optionally connected to from the right- or left-hand side. The unit is vented either directly into the room via an active carbon filter or above roof level by means of a vent pipe.

Inlet Connection:

-DN100 (connected directly using sealing collar)
-2 inlets DN40 incl. cover plate and one non-return valve

Discharge side connection:

-Delivery connection: elbow hose connector DN 25/32 including non-return valve

Vent line:

Either integrated active carbon filter with overflow protection or separate vent pipe above roof level using a self- sealing connecting sleeve (pipe outer diameter 25mm)

Scope of delivery

Fully assembled lifting plant with macerator, active carbon filter, flexible discharge port and installation and operating manual.

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