Wilo-Drain TM/TMW Twister

Type key Example: Wilo-Drain TMW 32/8 HD
TM Submersible pump
TMW Submersible pump with turbulator
32 Nominal diameter of delivery connection
8 Max. delivery head (m)
HD Suitable for handling abrasive media


Submersible pumps used in pump sumps and exposed to soapy water from washing machines, washbasins and showers (for example) have a considerably shorter working life. The large amount of suspended matter contained in this water gradually accumulates in the pump shaft over time, leaving a slimy residue in the pump sump and in the pump itself.

To prevent this, regular sump cleaning is required, a procedure which is both time-consuming and expensive. Furthermore, the problem of sludge disposal and possible hygiene implications cannot be definitely evaluated at this stage. The Wilo-Drain TMW 32 Twister provides an ideal solution in this case.

TM32 Applications:

Pumping clear or slightly solid water from tanks, shafts or pits with pump installed vertically.


This submersible pump is suitable for stationary, fully automatic operation. A sufficiently long hose is connected to the pump discharge port for mobile use, while a solid pipe is fitted for stationary use. A fault current safety switch (mandatory for outdoor installations) for a breaking current of 30mA must be fitted by the customer, in accordance with EN60335-2.41

In addition, for TMW

The design of the Wilo-Drain Twister ensures constant circulation in the pump suction area, thus ensuring that the pump sump is kept clean.
Due to the constant turbulence and the fact that this eliminates the suspended matter, odours from the materials handled are not allowed to build up. Maintenance intervals are extended.
When you deactivate the twister (see the installation and operating manual), the pump curve is increased by 1m.


Forced-flow casing cooled, stainless steel-cased, dry electric motor with integrated thermal motor protection and automatic restart.


A 10m permanently wired power cable is required for outdoor installations.

Pump/Motor Seals

There is a mechanical seal on the impeller, a shaft seal on the motor and an oil chamber between both seals.

Scope of delivery

A fully assembled pump with cable, plug and fitted float switch is provided, together with installation and operating manual.



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